Our Social Commitment


We at Tomás Solutions® have a firm commitment to our environment and the impact of our work in the community.


Last July of 2022, we held a day for our workers highlighting the importance of family and the togetherness of our team to achieve common goals.

This day was organized by Susana Domínguez, – an individual who, as she defines herself, is a lecturer, trainer, and strategic intervener; in short, a "TEAM MAKER ". We at Tomás Solutions® are deeply grateful to her for having shared with us a small part of her wisdom.

From this conference, we extracted powerful reflections that will surely help us in our daily life both in the company and with our families



At Tomás Solutions® we believe in the values of sport and actively support them.


Tomás Solutions® is a sponsor of our local team, Yeclano Deportivo, and its affiliate team.
We firmly support the values promoted by sport and we are committed to training the young people in our city in this discipline.



Tomás Solutions® is also a cooperator with the Yecla Football Club teams that compete in the Female, Cadet A, Cadet B, Youth, and Child categories.
We believe in the values promoted by sport and in the benefits that exercise brings about both physically and mentally, thus favoring a society with fairer and healthier values.