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Ferretería Tomás SL began to take its first steps in 1989 , thanks to its founders, Tomás Soriano y Dolores Rubio. CThe company began as a family business, establishing close relationships with its customers and being geared towards the general public in its small premises measuring just 70m2. Thanks to our enthusiasm, constant dedication, effort, and commitment, we have managed to evolve over time, becoming a company specialized in providing services to furniture and rest companies with our new Tomas Solutions® brand while maintaining our essence and original identity. Our main goal is to continue taking care of our clients while we face new challenges.



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The journey embarked upon by the team at Tomás Solutions® has brought us to the present moment, where we have come to specialize in industrial supply. Our current facilities measure more than 4,500m2 and are located in Yecla (Murcia). Said facilities are for sales, warehousing, and administrative management, featuring a store to provide service to professionals and individuals as well as ample room for all our services and a large parking area. Likewise, we strive to research new technologies and cutting-edge products at our facilities, doing so in order to help our customers evolve and advance in terms of their development.

We have a great team with qualified and specialized personnel to provide the best possible service to our customers, allowing us to be flexible in terms of an ever-changing market and any challenges that crop up.

All of this has helped us progress little by little from a small neighborhood business to an industrial hardware store specializing in advanced furniture and upholstery products, acquiring the necessary experience to meet the needs of our customers along the way.

We are currently in a moment of international expansion in which we intend to break into new markets and firm up our commitment in those markets in which we are already present. This is possible thanks to the cooperation of our team, which combines the experience of the sector and the renewed energy of youth to help us to face any challenges that arise and achieve our goals.

Tomás Solutions SL® is looking towards the future with optimism and confidence, hoping that our cooperation with our customers becomes ever closer and more fruitful.

Jose Fernando Soriano Rubio



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Thank You, Tomás ás

Citing personal and professional concerns, in 1989 our founder, Tomás Soriano Martínez, decided to start his own business: Ferretería Tomás, It was a small business that sold domestic hardware and DIY items.

This company, thanks to Tomás's dedication, effort, perseverance, and ingenuity de Tomás, grew and evolved, adapting to the changes and needs of its customers.

Of course, we cannot forget Tomás's faithful companion and wife, Dolores Rubio, who was always by his side. It is because of the two of them that Tomás Solutions SL® is now one of the when it comes to providing new solutions for upholstered furniture and household rest.

We, the current managerial and human team behind Tomás Solutions SL®, are forever indebted to our founder while, at the same time, drawing from him support and inspiration to advance in our daily work.

As a result, we always wish to show our gratitude towards Tomás Soriano, on our website – a site that we are sure will be useful to you and will help you with your daily work.